Welcome to St. Matthew’s Website.

09-23-12_3783St. Matthew, probably a member of Jesus’ family, was considered an outcast, a hated tax collector, an agent of the Romans, and a sinner.   And yet Jesus comes to him and pointing his beckoning hand, says, “Come, follow me.”    Matthew left everything and followed.  (Matthew 9;9-12)  Matthew, living a new life, became one of the twelve Apostles, and the roots of the second Gospel , said to be inspired by an angel, go back to him.    At St. Matthew’s, for which we are named,  we are called to proclaim the Gospel, and we extend Jesus’ call to you, with heart and hand, saying,  “Come, follow me.”   Whatever sins you have committed, that you wrestle with in your life, know that here…. you can find the forgiveness of Jesus Christ to lead a grace filled new life, and that you are welcome here.  

St. Matthew’s Reformed Church (United Church of Christ) unites with our Lord Jesus Christ in the Reformed tradition of the Church, through Word and Sacrament.  We then seek to be the Body of Christ by sharing Christ’ s love with  all people and in service to those in need. The people of St. Matthew’s are a loving and caring congregation  in which to raise a family.  We offer a children’s sermon during the service followed by children’s church, and an active Youth Group for young people in 4th – 12th grades.  We value the challenge and growth that comes from Christian discipleship through our educational programs on Sunday and seasonal Bible study during the week, and we strive to reach out in love and compassion to our sisters and brothers in our community and around the world in sharing the Gospel and serving those in need.
We hope and pray that you will be a valued part of us!