Read With Us!
St. Matthews has a wonderful little library with books on a variety of topics. We invite you to come browse and choose a book for your enjoyment. We will be sponsoring a Book of the Month which will be suggested by a member of the congregation.
March Book of the Month
Recommended by: Pastor John
                                            Thirst: A Story pf Redemption, Compassion, and a Mission
                                                   to Bring Clean Water to the World
                                                                     By Scott Harrison
This book by Scott Harrison is a true “prodigal son” story. In Thirst, Scott writes of how he went from being a night club promoter, living a life fueled by alcohol, drugs and partying, to founder and CEO of Charity: Thirst, a non- profit organization determined to bring clean drinking water to everyone on the planet-a lofty goal Scott has dedicated his life to achieving! In this book, you will read of Scott’s Christian upbringing, his rebellion against God, and his journey back to grace. You will also learn about people he has encountered throughout his ministry, and the huge difference having access to something we take for granted each day-clean water-has made in the lives of millions around the world! Scott’s excitement and dedication to his charity can be felt on every page!