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                         Prayer Requests
Prayer List Reminder-In order to keep the prayer list updated and relevant, we will be removing names every two weeks. If a name needs to be left on the list because of an ongoing illness, please notify the office.
Please Pray For…Charlie Lancaster, Judy & Joel Campbell, Ann Bost, Emma Grace Minteer, Lyda Hawn, Melissa Woodring, Victoria Webber, Joyce Bradshaw, Arthur McGahan, Alan Haithcox and Joseph Haithcox, Pansy Hamrick, Jonathan Painter, Dwight Hoyle, Ellen Roads, Peyton McRee, Jennifer Price, Kenny Campbell, Brandi Gilbert, Melissa Ingle,  Kristen Sipe, Dwight Shrum, Joan Campbell,mourning families of Austin Cornelius, Mary Rose McCaslin, Nancy Jarrett, Brenda Smith (Deanie’s sister)